Growing money to support your Organization

A great way to help meet the financial challenges of an organization is to is start up fundraiser program. King's Greenhouse can help raise funds for organizations whether they be schools, churches, sports clubs, businesses, or private organizations.
King's Greenhouse currently offers one fundraiser program each year:

Setting Up A Fundraiser Is Simple!

Step 1
Contact the Fundraising Representative at King's Greenhouse and ask to setup your Fundraising event. You'll get all the information you need about the plants being offered this year along with a brochure and price list.

Step 2
Assemble your team of volunteers to help sell and/or distribute plants when they are delivered.
Starting from the King's brochure and price list, set your own price. Suggest markup of 25-100%

Step 3
Do your sales campaign and take paid pre-orders and commitment orders

Step 4
Collect on the commitments from your customers who haven’t yet paid

Step 5
Finally, organize all your paid-orders and submit a final plant order to our fundraising representative. Please use the form provided.
When the final will-call or delivery date arrives, King’s will deliver the best quality plant material and service.

It’s just that easy!

Give us a call and let’s get started.

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